Fazle Elahi Faisal

About me

I am a PhD student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Memphis since fall 2009. Currently I am pursuing my Master’s in Bioinformatics at the same school. Earlier I did my undergraduate from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology as Computer Science and Engineering major. Then I achieved Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the same school.

My research interest lies in Bioinformatics and Data mining. Currently I am working on designing and implementing a web-based framework to assist pharmacists to find potential association between pharmacogenomic factors such as chemical compounds, drugs and diagnosis with other interesting factors such as gene, protein, disease, symptom and environment. The system will display the characteristics of drugs and their roles in biological pathway. The framework will use genomic and pharmacogenomic publications as knowledge source through literature mining techniques.

My career goal lies in teaching. After my undergraduation I joined Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology as Lecturer. After getting my Master’s, I was promoted to be Assistant Professor. I also worked as Cisco Certified Network Academy Instructor as additional duty. My office offered me study leave to pursue PhD.

Apart from teaching, I was involved in different government funded and international research project. I worked as a technical co-ordinator in Codewitz Asia-link project of European Union. The vision of the project was to design and implement visualization tools to assist teachers and students to understand computer programming and algorithm. I worked as a Project Manager to develop revenue system software for Bakhrabad Gas Systems Limited. I also worked as a Project Manager to develop billing system software for Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution System Limited. I worked as a team member to develop result processing software for Bangladesh Technical Education Board as well.


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